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Telecel Stops DStv Payments via Telecash

Telecel has followed Econet in denying┬áDStv settlements via mobile wallets. From March, Telecash won’t be making DStv payments. The dry spell of foreign currency has led to financial providers cutting down of external payments. The reserve bank is low on Nostro value, and it is the private institutions that suffers first. Now that even ZESA

Telecel Internet Settings

Telecel broadband is one of the most used internet access points, being from a mobile network operator. To access the network, we need the settings. Telecel is capable of pushing these settings to a device automatically, but that is not always the case. In those situations, we find ourselves having to set up the device

Telecel introduces Night Shift bundles

Telecel Zimbabwe has introduced new data bundles, dubbed “Night shift bundles”. Data is offered for significantly lower prices. These bundles have a striking similarity to the recently phased out dream bundles from Econet Wireless. The Night Shift Data Bundles are usable from 10PM – 6am, and come in the following prices and amounts:

Telecel USSD Codes

This post brings the USSD codes that are in use by Telecel. This list includes the codes that are used for balance inquiry, recharging as well as other lesser known services like Notify me when reachable, which comes in quite handy especially in these days of no ZESA and big screened phones. The table below

Zimbabwe USSD Codes for Mobile Networks

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data codes, USSD codes, are used to access network services. With the number of services offered, they are hard to remember. To add on, with the everyone owning a SIM card for all the network operators and hoping from promotion to promotion in search for affordable rates, the list grows even longer.