Econet YoMix Custom Data Bundles a Great Offer

Econet YoMix data bundle customiser

Econet Wireless’ YoMix custom data bundle is what Zimbabwe wants. The bundle allows a subscriber to customize the amount of data, voice and text they want to use. The validity of the bundles goes all the way to 30 days as well, depending on what you want. These bundles offer a complete package, akin to …

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NetOne OneFusion bundles and allowances

NetOne OneFusion bundles logo

NetOne OneFusion is the company’s flagship package, and it has turned around fortunes for them. The bundles, as that is what they really are, offer voice calls, texts, mobile data and social media bundles in one package. It’s a good deal and customers like it. NetOne was the only mobile operator to increase the number …

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Most of the Zimbabwean Internet is down, but your ISP won’t tell you.

phot showing hands of people accessing various services using mobile data

Zimbabwean Internet has been sketchy at best lately, and it has taken a turn for the worse today. Telone, ZOL, Econet Broadband and pretty much everyone has been taken offline.