Netflix In Zimbabwe, Content set to Increase

Image showing netflix in every region including African markets like Zimbabwe South Africa

One of the headlines at CES 2016 was that Netflix has gone (nearly) global. Zimbabwe is one of the countries to benefit. Previously unavailable in Zimbabwe, Netflix is joining the likes of DSTv, Kwese TV and YouTube which locals have used to distribute shows, like P.O Box did.

Netflix Now Available Worldwide

It looks like everyone across the globe will now be able to netflix and chill-Netflix has announced a whole lot more regions which the streaming service can now be accessed, legally at least. A few countries, including China, still do not have access to the service, but Netflix claims they are working on it, and …

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Meet LeTV Le Max Pro with Snapdragon 820

Qualcomm took to the stage to speak about their next generation flagship SoC, the Snapdragon 820 and its Automobile version, the 820am. Qualcomm also took the chance to announce the first device to run the chip it hopes will bring back trust, after a flopped 810. The first Snapdragon 820 powered smartphone has been announced, …

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