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Marshmallow remains the most popular Android version

A testimony to the severe fragmentation in the Android space, Marshmallow is still the most popular version of Android. Google released android 6.0 back in 2015. That is a really long time ago. Google periodically updates the OS distribution charts. In the latest update dated 08 January Marshmallow has a market share of 28,6. This

Google adds reCAPTCHA APIs for Android

As part of the celebrations for it’s tenth anniversary, reCAPTCHA has announced an API for Android. reCAPTCHA has gone through a lot of changes. When it was introduced, the service used blurred image recognition to tell apart robots and humans. Over time robots evolved, and the found it easier to read the text than humans.

Microsoft Solitaire Collection now on Android and iOS

Microsoft has brought its nostalgic Microsoft Solitaire Collection to the world of Android and iOS.  The apps are already available for download. Since Windows 3.0, 1990, Microsoft has bundled solitaire with Windows. The game “helped users transition to using a GUI”. It has since become a staple of the Windows operating system, and has always been confined

Securing your Smartphone Against Theft

Smartphones are now part of our lives, and losing one is certainly a devastating experience. With the high end mobiles that cost a fortune, this might mean loss of a few months’ investment. This makes securing your device a priority. Thanks to technological advances, recovering your lost smartphone is much easier, if you know how

Netone Internet Settings

Maybe you have been enticed by NetOne’s OneFusion and decided to switch. Currently, NetOne does not configure data settings automatically on users’ devices. One has to manually add the APN from the settings menu, which might be a daunting task for some. Read along for the access point and internet settings for netone. NetOne Access