PLATINUM hackers bypass Windows Firewall using Intel’s AMT

Microsoft has discovered a new version of PLATINUM’s file transfer tool. The new tool uses Intel® Active Management Technology (AMT) Serial-over-LAN (SOL) channel for communication. The tool bypasses the operating system. Thus, it renders the firewall useless. However, Windows Defender can apparently detect suspicious uses of the protocol. This is possible through machine learning. It then displays

Google adds reCAPTCHA APIs for Android

As part of the celebrations for it’s tenth anniversary, reCAPTCHA has announced an API for Android. reCAPTCHA has gone through a lot of changes. When it was introduced, the service used blurred image recognition to tell apart robots and humans. Over time robots evolved, and the found it easier to read the text than humans.

Tech Support scammers use WannaCry in tricks

Scammers have started using the WannaCry ransomware attacks to lure their victims, Action Fraud UK reports. They come purporting to be from Microsoft, then make you pay for free removal software. One person has already reported having lost £320 to the scammers. The window, that could not be closed, said the victim had been affected

Samsung’s DeX supports Lumia 950/XL

Samsung touted the DeX station as one of the bigger features, and a YouTuber has verified that the station works with Lumia 950 devices. The Lumia has Display Dock, a similar solution from Microsoft. Youtuber gazcart has uploaded a video in which he showcases the 950 working with the Desktop Experience (DeX) station. You can check out

Ryzen powered Asus ROG laptop incoming

Asus’ Republic Of Gamers has put up a video on YouTube featuring AMD Ryzen logo. Could this be the first Ryzen powered laptop..? There is text that reads “Something Has Awakened” in the video, as well as a hashtag to join the republic at  #Computex2017. Is it the AMD that has awakened? The teaser video

Password Database dumped online

A database of more than 150 Million passwords has been posted online, giving you yet another reason to change that password of yours. The database contains data from breaches that have happened over the last few years. Most of the data has already been leaked before, and this only makes it easier to access it.