Google slapped with a record 2.42 Billion Euro fine by the EU

European Union antitrust regulators have slapped Alphabet Inc.’s Google with a 2.42-billion-euro ($2.7 billion) fine for favouring its own shopping service. The action concludes a 7-year investigation into the company. The EU Commission concluded Google systematically gave prominent placement its own comparison shopping service and demoted those of rivals in search results. In a statement, European Competition

NetOne OneFusion bundles and allowances

NetOne OneFusion is the company’s flagship package, and it has turned around fortunes for them. The bundles, as that is what they really are, offer voice calls, texts, mobile data and social media bundles in one package. It’s a good deal and customers like it. NetOne was the only mobile operator to increase the number

Apply for Techcrunch’s Startup Battlefield Africa

TechCrunch is launching a sort of disrupt for Africans this year, and they want you to participate. They partnered with Facebook to present the Startup Battlefield for Africa. The competition will be held in October this year. TechCrunch will host Startup Battlefield Nairobi, Kenya in front of a live audience and the judges. TechCrunch and Facebook

DStv Compact Channels and Pricing

The DStv Compact package offers a few premium DStv channels for a relatively lower price, making it a great option for those on a budget. The compact bouquet offers up to a total of 159 channels. DStv Compact Bouquet Price As the compact package is meant to be in the midrange, you get it for

Firefox enables Multi Process for all

Mozilla has published Firefox 54, enabling multi process for all. Unlike Chrome, Firefox maintains a lower memory usage among the top browsers. Multi-Process splits tab process into multiple process. Chrome has used multi-process since 2008, and you can see the benefits in speed. For Firefox, the e10s project has been in development for a while

PLATINUM hackers bypass Windows Firewall using Intel’s AMT

Microsoft has discovered a new version of PLATINUM’s file transfer tool. The new tool uses Intel® Active Management Technology (AMT) Serial-over-LAN (SOL) channel for communication. The tool bypasses the operating system. Thus, it renders the firewall useless. However, Windows Defender can apparently detect suspicious uses of the protocol. This is possible through machine learning. It then displays

Google adds reCAPTCHA APIs for Android

As part of the celebrations for it’s tenth anniversary, reCAPTCHA has announced an API for Android. reCAPTCHA has gone through a lot of changes. When it was introduced, the service used blurred image recognition to tell apart robots and humans. Over time robots evolved, and the found it easier to read the text than humans.

Tech Support scammers use WannaCry in tricks

Scammers have started using the WannaCry ransomware attacks to lure their victims, Action Fraud UK reports. They come purporting to be from Microsoft, then make you pay for free removal software. One person has already reported having lost £320 to the scammers. The window, that could not be closed, said the victim had been affected