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Barclays Zimbabwe VISA card now requires approval

Barclays Bank Zimbabwe has issued a statement indicating their VISA card now requires pre-approval. The bank joins an ever-growing list of banks that are terminating foreign use of cards. You now need to apply to have your bank card activated before you travel. Just visit your local branch to have your card provisioned. Previously, they

Apply for Techcrunch’s Startup Battlefield Africa

TechCrunch is launching a sort of disrupt for Africans this year, and they want you to participate. They partnered with Facebook to present the Startup Battlefield for Africa. The competition will be held in October this year. TechCrunch will host Startup Battlefield Nairobi, Kenya in front of a live audience and the judges. TechCrunch and Facebook

Uber runs into trouble in Asia

IT never rains but pours Uber, who have been in trouble with authorities and customers recently. The company’s drivers have been nabbed in Hong Kong and Thailand. UberX is the basic uber package. A driver signs up with their own car, and they start driving around. The cars used for UberX are the regular day-to-day cars you

Apple Could Ditch The Lightning Connector

According to this report from the Wall Street Journal, Apple is planning to use USB type C across the whole range of iPhones this year. Apple has traditionally used proprietary connectors on its iphones. The connectors used to be fast, but with USB type C the industry standard is certainly faster. Maybe the Cupertino giant