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NetOne OneFusion bundles and allowances

NetOne OneFusion is the company’s flagship package, and it has turned around fortunes for them. The bundles, as that is what they really are, offer voice calls, texts, mobile data and social media bundles in one package. It’s a good deal and customers like it. NetOne was the only mobile operator to increase the number

Econet adds Instagram Bundles 

Econet added Instagram Bundles to it’s social bundles mix. But I’m still not impressed.  The bundle is available to purchase for $3 a month. This is a combo bundle, which also gives access to Facebook. Or rather, it’s a Facebook bundle with instagram access.  Econet allocated Instagram 110MB of data in the bundle. On the

EcoCash named world’s Best Mobile Payment Solution

THE GSMA has awarded Econet Wireless in partnership with Comviva the title “Provider of the world’s best mobile solution”. The recognition comes in recognition of EcoCash, the leading mobile wallet in Zimbabwe. Econet introduced EcoCash envisioning a cashless society. The service has a wide network of payment points, and integration with existing providers only makes

Telecel Stops DStv Payments via Telecash

Telecel has followed Econet in denying DStv settlements via mobile wallets. From March, Telecash won’t be making DStv payments. The dry spell of foreign currency has led to financial providers cutting down of external payments. The reserve bank is low on Nostro value, and it is the private institutions that suffers first. Now that even ZESA

NetOne Restores Cheaper Data Bundles

NetOne has restored some of the monthly data bundles it removed last year. The bundles are months cheaper than the best data bundles you could get before. These changes bring with them Daily, Weekly and Monthly “Pure Data” and Social Media bundles. NetOne stopped offering daily bundles last year when POTRAZ cracked down on promotions.