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WhatsApp is down right now

WhatsApp has gone down on New Year’s Eve, with users across the world reporting connection problems. Their Whatsapp Status account has not posted anything as of yet, however. Users around the world texting each other final messages for 2017 might have caused the outage. Some people are managing to send messages once in a while. This

Messanger Lite: Acceptable Piece of Bloat

Facebook has debuted Messenger Lite, partner of the Facebook Lite app. The messenger team designed the app for slow networks and devices. This reflects in the storage and runtime requirements of the app. It comes in a size that you can afford to live with. Facebook Messenger Lite packs the core functionality of messenger in a

Twitter introduces a Quality Filter

Twitter has introduced a set of filters for Notifications and content. The filter primarily affects accounts you are not following. Expect the feature to silence those online troll posts, and accounts that always pop up. Notifications Settings Twitter now allows users to choose whether they like to see notifications from everyone, or from people they