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Twitter introduces a Quality Filter

Twitter has introduced a set of filters for Notifications and content. The filter primarily affects accounts you are not following. Expect the feature to silence those online troll posts, and accounts that always pop up. Notifications Settings Twitter now allows users to choose whether they like to see notifications from everyone, or from people they

Facebook to Show You Ads Even With Adblock

Facebook has announced plans to show you more ads, by skipping adblock. This is targeted at desktop users of the social network, and will not affect mobile. The social media giant has decided to introduce a different way of serving the ads. In this way, it is difficult to distinguish between the ads and facebook content.

Instagram adds Stories That Disappear

Instagram introduced Stories, where you post moments that will disappear in 24 hours. The Facebook company certainly copied Snapchat, and the CEO doesn’t want to hide it. Stories are meant for those moments that you wouldn’t want to linger around after all the fun. So go on, post all those crazy photos at the party.

Phishing Scams: All You Need to Know

Phishing is an act in which an attacker masquerades as a reputable entity in order to trick users into giving up their online particulars, primarily usernames, passwords and banking details. Phishing is primarily carried out using emails, IM and Social Media. Phishing Scams carried out through social media, if successful, have a somewhat exponential effect. Once

Netone Internet Settings

Maybe you have been enticed by NetOne’s OneFusion and decided to switch. Currently, NetOne does not configure data settings automatically on users’ devices. One has to manually add the APN from the settings menu, which might be a daunting task for some. Read along for the access point and internet settings for netone. NetOne Access