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Chrome will migrate you to 64-bit automatically

Google Chrome’s next update will move qualifying users to the 64-bit version automatically in the next update, 59. This applies to users who did not turn off auto updates. Machines that have more than 4 GB RAM and are running 64-bit versions of windows are the ones affected. Since no one really turns off the

Youtube gets Material Design with Dark Mode

YouTube is currently working on an update to change the look of its website to Material Design like many of Google’s services. The new design also features a dark mode. Google introduced Material Design back in 2014. It is the desing pattern for Android since lollipop. The primary source of inspiration for the language is

Yahoo Announces 1bn Accounts Stolen

Yahoo has made public the details of an alleged data breach that occurred in 2013. Yes, this is different from the one that took place in 2014. Hackers might have gotten away with a billion user account in 2013, according to a statement on This makes the hack the largest of its kind in

Drone Invasion: Tech Goes Airborne

Brace yourselves, for the drone invasion is here. With their uses ranging from fishing to photography and well, stalking, they are here to stay. Considering these are earlier days of their invasion, who knows where it is all going? On a civil light scale, drones have been used to capture videos. Wedding photographers have used drones to take pictures

Messanger Lite: Acceptable Piece of Bloat

Facebook has debuted Messenger Lite, partner of the Facebook Lite app. The messenger team designed the app for slow networks and devices. This reflects in the storage and runtime requirements of the app. It comes in a size that you can afford to live with. Facebook Messenger Lite packs the core functionality of messenger in a