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WHO to classify Gaming Addiction as a mental health disorder

The World Health Organisation will classify gaming addiction as a mental health condition. This is coming in the eleventh International Classification of Diseases. The guide suggests that it takes a period of 12 months to assign a diagnosis. However, if the symptoms are severe a psychiatrist can diagnose the disorder earlier. The ICD gives a set of symptoms for

Microsoft Solitaire Collection now on Android and iOS

Microsoft has brought its nostalgic Microsoft Solitaire Collection to the world of Android and iOS.  The apps are already available for download. Since Windows 3.0, 1990, Microsoft has bundled solitaire with Windows. The game “helped users transition to using a GUI”. It has since become a staple of the Windows operating system, and has always been confined

Tour the World with Google Earth VR 

Google has released Earth VR, which allows users to tour the world in the comfort of their homes. At least virtually. If you have always wanted to peak at Mount Everest’s peak but never had the energy to, this is your chance. Google Earth is a 3D map of the globe, with images and other

Allo and Duo move Hangouts into Business

Google plans to move hangouts to focus on business, as the roll out of Allo and duo continues. YouTube live is also taking up Hangouts on Air, removing it from Google Plus. Hangouts has been trying to be a jack of all trades for some time now. In all that effort, Google has basically failed. In

Say Hello to Edge Extensions in Annivesary Update

Microsoft has released Windows 10 anniversary update, bringing edge extensions mainstream. These have been available for insiders for a while now, since March this year. The anniversary update also brings a lot of other features as well. To install the new extensions look for extensions in the hamburger menu. Follow the link ‘get extensions from store. This

Facebook Fined 11.7M over Whatsapp Data in Brazil

A Brazilian prosecutor froze 38 million reais($11.7 million) of funds held in Facebook’s bank account over WhatsApp dispute. This comes a week after a judge ordered a ban on the service citing their failure to cooperate with law enforcement. This is the third time that the service is in trouble with authority. In May, the

Here Maps rebrands to Here WeGo

Here Maps has gone through significant changes, including changing name to Here WeGo. They also announced a new web app, to be available at Many of the features announced will also be available on the web app. On opening the application, it now presents you the question, “Where To.” Once you input a location,

Whatsapp releases stand-alone Desktop Client

Whatsapp has released a new desktop client for windows and Mac. The client works much like the Web Client, in that it simply allows mirroring of content from your phone. That means one still has to install Whatsapp on a phone. This only helps allow replying of messages on the fly while working on the