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Samsung’s DeX supports Lumia 950/XL

Samsung touted the DeX station as one of the bigger features, and a YouTuber has verified that the station works with Lumia 950 devices. The Lumia has Display Dock, a similar solution from Microsoft. Youtuber gazcart has uploaded a video in which he showcases the 950 working with the Desktop Experience (DeX) station. You can check out

ARM releases Cortex A73 alongside MALI-G71 GPU

Your next Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone for 2017 is in for a treat, with faster and more efficient chips under the hood. Advanced RISC Machines (ARM), the company that develops the technology powering most smartphones, has announced the next generation of CPU cores and GPU. The new Cortex A73 cores are about 30 percent

Meet LeTV Le Max Pro with Snapdragon 820

Qualcomm took to the stage to speak about their next generation flagship SoC, the Snapdragon 820 and its Automobile version, the 820am. Qualcomm also took the chance to announce the first device to run the chip it hopes will bring back trust, after a flopped 810. The first Snapdragon 820 powered smartphone has been announced,

Samsung Failures: Executives Blame Software

Samsung’s growth is grinding to a halt, thanks to a failing mobile division. The company has been bleeding market share, prompting Samsung’s return to the drawing board in this year’s flagship, as can be seen in the elegant flagships that won over the media. Unnamed Executives from the company blame software as the reason behind

HTC One X9 Released

HTC has announced the latest One in China, the HTC One X9 which follows on the heels of the HTC One A9 released a few months ago. The smartphone lies in the premium mid-range, featuring some high range features which makes it highly competitive. The device is quite similar to the One A9, and comparably

Keep your PC blazing

In this economy, it’s many a day that I find myself wanting to kick my PC and crush it, when it suddenly crawls. As age kicks in on any piece of machinery, it tends to get less efficient. Silicon is no exception. However, before you show your old silicon the door, or bang it in