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WHO to classify Gaming Addiction as a mental health disorder

The World Health Organisation will classify gaming addiction as a mental health condition. This is coming in the eleventh International Classification of Diseases. The guide suggests that it takes a period of 12 months to assign a diagnosis. However, if the symptoms are severe a psychiatrist can diagnose the disorder earlier. The ICD gives a set of symptoms for

Samsung’s DeX supports Lumia 950/XL

Samsung touted the DeX station as one of the bigger features, and a YouTuber has verified that the station works with Lumia 950 devices. The Lumia has Display Dock, a similar solution from Microsoft. Youtuber gazcart has uploaded a video in which he showcases the 950 working with the Desktop Experience (DeX) station. You can check out

Samsung Joins Gaming Laptops Business

After a few years missing, Samsung has decided to start making gaming laptops too. Samsung jumps into the game with Notebook Odyssey machines, offered in 15 and 17 inch versions. Both the notebook will rock Intel’s 7th Generation (Kaby Lake) Core i7 processors. The 15-inch Notebook Odyssey will come with up to a quad-core Intel Core i7

Choosing the Right Components: Storage

Buying a laptop with a few terabytes of storage might sound awesome, but that is probably not the best idea. At least not if you splurged a lot of money on a Core i5 or better, only to drag it down with a 5400 rpm spinner. For your storage options, you can choose between Solid

Microsoft Solitaire Collection now on Android and iOS

Microsoft has brought its nostalgic Microsoft Solitaire Collection to the world of Android and iOS.  The apps are already available for download. Since Windows 3.0, 1990, Microsoft has bundled solitaire with Windows. The game “helped users transition to using a GUI”. It has since become a staple of the Windows operating system, and has always been confined

Tour the World with Google Earth VR 

Google has released Earth VR, which allows users to tour the world in the comfort of their homes. At least virtually. If you have always wanted to peak at Mount Everest’s peak but never had the energy to, this is your chance. Google Earth is a 3D map of the globe, with images and other

Hackers Already Exploiting the Windows Vulnerability Exposed By Google

Google recently made public a vulnerability in Windows, 10 days after telling Microsoft. A hacking group linked to Russia, Fancy Bear, is already exploiting the vulnerability. And Microsoft is not amused. Known more widely as Fancy Bear, Microsoft calls the Russian-linked group STRONTIUM. The group has “aggressive, persistent tactics and techniques, and its repeated use of new