DStv or Streaming: A Zimbabwean Tale

DStv used to hold a certain monopoly over the entertainment industry. Granted, this was the case all over the world, but cable has stood the test of time longer around these streets.

At any rate, DStv is still more expensive than Over The Top entertainment providers. Have look at the bouquet prices in USD over here, or you may check out the DStv prices in EcoCash. DStv Access is the closest to what Netflix is offering.


DStv is not shy with their prices. The cheapest bouquet, DStv Lite, goes for a $8. At the other end, there is DStv Premium which goes for $75. Netflix plans go from $8 up to $12. It’s much, much, less than what the folks over at DStv are asking. Which would mean that any level headed person has Netflix, right?

You would be forgiven for assuming people who are living in a struggling economy are flocking towards the cheaper option, but boy would you be wrong. People are still tied to their DStv subs, and even search trends will confirm that for you.

Payment Options

Regardless of how much Zimbabweans may want to claim their learnedness, it does not extend to computer and ICT literacy. Very few understand the concept of VISA and MasterCard, which are the payment options available for Netflix. You can pay for DStv using your Ecocash RTGS$ account easily, which cannot be said for Netflix. There are simply no Netflix agents because the service is ‘simple enough’

This may be argued as a reason why Netflix is not catching on. The people who actually pay for the services are definitely technophobic, and they would never link a website to their bank. Case in point: It is very difficult to convince them to use online banking.


DStv content is delivered via satellite, while Netflix is delivered over the internet. When you pay for DStv there is no extra cost to access the content over the internet, which is quite expensive around here. That makes an argument against Netflix, and a valid one too.

However, all things factored in, it might still be cheaper to access Netflix content, especially at the higher end of the spectrum.

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