Econet Hikes Prices for Private WiFi Bundles

Econet has hiked the prices for theirĀ Private WiFi Bundles and by a significant margin. At this moment, your only option is to go for NetOne One-Fi. That is until they increase their packages too. And they are doing it soon.

Econet’s Private wifi bundles now start at 1300RTGS, up from $400. That’s quite a lot to stomach, and customers are out there crying foul. That’s some threefold increase. In my opinion, that simply unjustified. Also given the current situation.

You can use private wifi bundles from any internet-capable device. This includes mobile phones, wifi routers and even smart devices. Thus, it is a great option for those who want to access the internet. Regular data bundles are pretty expensive in comparison, and you can take a quick look at the menu to confirm.

PS: You need to rush, as NetOne will be revising their packages tonight. That means tomorrow we will be singing a different tune.

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