NetOne One-Fi – Private WiFi Bundles

NetOne One-Fi is NetOne’s take on LTE to the home and takes advantage of an LTE enabled router. They offer affordable data bundles, and the icing on the cake is that they work on your usual device. Yes, you can purchase the One-Fi bundles and just use them like normal data bundles.

Right now the One-Fi bundles are just a new name for data bundles, tucked away in a hidden menu. Maybe so that people don’t find them? At any rate, now you have heard about them so go on and use them.

Econet also has Private WiFi bundles which work in the same way, so you are definitely spoilt for choice. The prices and packages are similar, too. Only Telecel is nowhere to be found. Which is okay, their normal data bundles are a little cheaper than those of the other players. But then again their network is worse.

NetOne One-Fi Bundles Pricing

Bundle Price Data (GB)
One-Fi Plus 400 25
One-Fi Ultra 800 50
One-Fi Extreme 1000 80

The bundles are priced from $400 going up. This is a value of RTGS$16 per Gig of data. Compared to the other offerings, this is real value for money. Remember NetOne sells 600MB of daily data for $50. You then realise you are getting so much more.

This is clearly the data bundle to go for, as long as you are going to spend a considerable amount of time on the internet. Of course, there is no Unlimited option as you would expect.

How to purchase the data

After loading airtime into your account, just go to *171# as usual. NetOne is being weird with that menu, you can’t even check your balance without going through a few loops and a hoop or two.

By the way, NetOne is currently offering a 20% discount on airtime purchases through OneMoney. It’s a lot. Just go to *111#, and make sure to choose “Sell Airtime”.


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