How to Use Econet Private Wifi Bundles

Everyone (Me included, at some point) seemed to just wonder what in the world are Econet ‘Private WiFi Bundles’. Were they an extension of the defunct Econet WiFi bundles, or something else? Econet has clarified that for us, and to cut a very long story short, they are just data bundles with extra steps.

Private WiFi is achieved through the use of LTE Routers, or WiFi Home, as they used to call it. This product is no longer available, and these bundles can now be used on any SIM Card, and on any device too. So now when you purchase these bundles they will just work on your phone. Simple.

UPDATE: Econet has raised the prices for the Private WiFi bundles. For now, you can NetOne ;-).

Pricing and How to buy Econet Private WiFi bundles

To buy the private wifi bundles, you just have to load your account with a few dollars, then you can purchase the bundles as usual from *143#. It’s always a bad idea to try to buy bundles using Ecocash unless you are happy with your money being stuck for a while.

As for the pricing, the bundles start off at $400. This gives you $25 gigs of data, which you can use for anything on the internet. $400 sounds like a lot, but you get real value for your money. These bundles are particularly appealing to residents of the Ghettos where there are no alternative internet service providers.

Package Prices

Data (GB)Price (RTGS$)

How to use Private WiFi bundles

Econet private wifi bundles are used just like any other bundle from the ISP. I was worried that they would not be accessible over a 3G network, but that not even the case. They will work on any device.

So go ahead, buy these bundles and enjoy wider entertainment options. Especially during this lockdown period, and avoid going down the drain. If the network in your area is not that good, you can look over to NetOne, they also have the exact same packages available. Similarly named but the reason why I don’t know.


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