EcoCash Transaction Limits April – Merchant, Send Money

Econet keeps reviewing the EcoCash transaction limits every time prices go up significantly. The latest increase in transaction limits has seen customers able to send up to $5 000 in one go, as well as pay bills of up to $10 000.

Send Money Limits

The maximum amount that can be sent at once on EcoCash is current $5 000. Previously, you could only send up to a maximum of $1 000 at once, which was very limiting even for personal transactions.

Bill Payments

EcoCash bill payments are capped at $10 000 per transaction. This means you can now pay for your internet bill at once. That was impossible with the previous limit, which kept the maximum transaction amount at $2 000.

EcoCash Merchant Payment Transaction Limit

Merchant payments are also capped at $10 000. It’s a generous enough limit, only when looking at the current salaries. Otherwise, a modest television set costs way more than that. But then, it is what it is.

Daily and Monthly EcoCash Transaction Limits

EcoCash also imposes transaction limits per day and per month. These limits are not the same for everyone, but there are tiers. The limits depend on whether the account is linked to a debit card, to a bank account or not linked at all. Excluding Executive Grade customers, accounts that are attached to a bank account have the highest limit.

AccountDaily LimitMonthly Limit
Not linked$5 000$20 000
Linked to a debit card$10 000$35 000
Linked to a bank account$25 000$150 000
Executive Grade$30 000$250 000

You can now pay for your DStv Account using your EcoCash. Stay home, go digital.

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