How to pay for your DSTv in Zimbabwe using RTGS, EcoCash or USD

Paying for your DSTv is getting harder by the day, with the converted dollar getting more elusive than ever. This should not get in your way of entertainment, however. You have quite a few options to pay for DSTv and some of the better ones we have them here. Read through to find out how you can pay in either ZWL or USD.

DStv Payment in RTGS $ (EcoCash, ZIPIT, Bond)

Everyone (well, there are exceptions) is being paid in RTGS$ of some form, and I understand you would rather pay in the same currency. Always remember, though, that this will set you off an arm and a leg to achieve. The prices of the packages in USD are just translated to the parallel market rate for foreign currency. The only advantage of this is you don’t have to go through the process of acquiring money on the black market. Which is, to quote the authorities, illegal.

There are multiple players in this field, and their prices are not flat out. Some of the best options are those who do their daily conversion of the prices. This means their prices are always at par with what you would get if you changed your money to the USD on your own. Forget the interbank, it’s a fallacy. (Maybe except for Delta Beverages, who are apparently getting loads.)

Payments via WhatsApp

You can make DSTv payments using WhatsApp by chatting with real people. You can contact us on +26374883687 to make a payment. Your payment will be processed within 30 minutes during working hours, and by 9 am if paid after hours.

DStv payments using Ecocash and ZIPIT Prices (01/04/2020)
Compact +18001890
Xtra View560588

Please note that we are having longer than normal processing times due to the current lockdown.

Online Payments

A number of players have created online payment systems for DSTv. One reliable service is from Technology Zimbabwe. Their charges are not that bad, although they tend to hedge against loses. So you might have to check the current parallel market rates against their rate before you make your payment. Online payments allow you to pay using EcoCash and other banks that are supported.

Please note, however, that these payments still have to be processed manually. This means that payments made after hours will have to be processed the following morning. Plan well, and this won’t be a bummer.

DStv Payments in USD

If you have access to USD in cash or on your VISA card, then you can just skip the middlemen and pay your money directly. DStv offers an online service for you to pay up. You need a VISA or a MasterCard for this to work, and the steward bank card works just fine for this. It may be unreliable, but at least they don’t have outrageous charges. You also don’t need to bring your late ancestors’ death certificates as proof of citizenship to get one.

If you can’t figure out how to access a card that does online payments or you don’t trust the internet people, then you can always use your bank to make the payments. You can also use our number, and we will do the payment for you. Please note however that this payment method is limited to customers in Bulawayo, Gweru, Harare and Masvingo. You can still contact us if you need a link to some other city, we can probably work something out.

Just know that, in the end, your best option is to pay in USD using the DStv website. This cuts out the middleman, and you can use the change to buy yourself a pizza. Or Steers burgers, it’s wacky Wednesday as I type this.

Alternatives? OpenView HD

If you can’t stomach the cost of this DStv and still don’t want to be stuck on ZBC TV, you are not out of options yet. There’s Open View, the new WizTech on the block. These guys sell you their decoder for a once-off fee, and you can access their channels for free.

You can get an OpenView HD decoder from us for only USD40. Get this one and forget about paying subscriptions. Ever again. Drop us an email on or call/WhatsApp us on +2637774883687 to place your order.

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