Delta Beverages Gets Forex on Interbank. Signs of better times?

Delta Beverages has just issued a notice saying that they will be able to offer most of their products to retailers in RTGS$. According to them, the interbank has matured and they can access more foreign currency from there. Other players think otherwise, though, with ZOL Zimbabwe increasing their internet prices just recently citing difficulties accessing forex.

Delta notice they are getting forex form the interbank

In the note, they have stated that they are now getting more forex from the interbank. This has enabled them to price their products in RTGS$, although in the note the new prices are not set. They just point out to the fact that the retailers and dealers should stick to the recommended retail prices. At the end of it, all consumers want is cheap and available goods.

We are now waiting for ZESA holdings to get access to foreign currency at this rate as well so that they can save us from these power cuts that are crippling to the small enterprises. If Delta did it, then ZESA can did it too, right? It will work, simple.


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