Econet Wireless axes the 2Gig Daily Bundle

Amid the price reviews that mobile operators are currently doing, Econet Wireless has decided to nix the $3 for 2Gig data bundle. This is the next nix, coming after they removed YoMix. After this change, the largest bundle you can buy on the network now comes at 1Gig.

POTRAZ did not approve Mobile Operators’ plea to increase mobile data tariffs. According to POTRAZ, mobile data is already quite expensive. Mobile Network Operators do not agree with this position. To cut their losses, MNOs have resorted to removing their “promotions”. It’s “promotions” because we have had them for as long as memory can take anyone. Econet introduced the daily bundle as a promotion in 2015. Since then, the promotion has just stuck. All the other mobile operators have similar offerings. Consumers basically regard these promotions as part of the normal offerings.

Econet Wireless follows after the fixed data providers have already increased their prices. Well, “technically” they didn’t increase, they only applied the monetary policy to their prices. But to someone who earns in RTGS$, this is an increase. At the end of the day, you have to fork out a larger percentage of your disposable income. Internet Service Providers have some costs that they have to meet in foreign currency. Given the new exchange rates, they have to change their prices in order to be able to remain in the market.

Econet Wireless has of late been on fire along the social media. The youth, the target of YoMix, has been up in arms against Econet for taking away their beloved product. The youth also happens to be the most vocal group on social media, Twitter in particular.

Hopefully, this price increases won’t get any worse as time moves on. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. The economy and the movement of the RTGS$ against the USD is not exactly going the way that would make this possible.

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