This guy just spent $5000 from his own pocket to put Zimbabwe on Street View

Tawanda Kanhema, a Zimbabwean who is based in America, took some 360-degree footage of Zimbabwean streets. To top it off, he took a virtual helicopter tour, and a speedboat along the Zambezi river. These are the heroes we want. But we don’t deserve.

The man spent all the money in lights, hotels, a car rental and gas expenses.  To justify the expense, he points out that photography is an expensive hobby at any rate.

Zimbabwe is a long way behind other cameras in terms of any user-generated content, really. It’s notoriously hard to find good information about many places on Wikipedia, or celebrities. This haunts Google street view too, as there are simply no images.

As for the cameras, he used his GoPro 360 camera. Google and Insta360 also provided him with an Insta360 Pro 2 as part of Google’s camera loan program. The camera was being field tested, too. Other than the camera, he financed the project completely on his own.

The areas Tawanda covered include Harare’s central business districts, malls, a virtual tour of Victoria Falls, Christmas Pass,  Mutare’s main business strip as well as the Great Zimbabwe monument and the Eastern Highlands. Of all those places, he certainly enjoyed mapping the Zambezi river on the boat.

CNET managed to talk to the man. You can read the interview over at their site to know more. My new hero.



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