NetOne One Fusion now a terrible package

NetOne launched OneFusion and received praises and all. Fast forward 2 years later and the product is now nothing great. The unclear lackluster product offers nothing to convince the customers to spend their money. If they are going to regain the top spot, they have to go back to the drawing board.

NetOne has lost the crown of the cheapest data, as well as the cheapest voice at the same time. To seal off their fate, Econet launched Elevate YoMix to critical success. NetOne have to do something about OneFusion, maybe return to the good old day or something better. We want more data, not less.

Futility of promotions

When NetOne launched OneFusion, users migrated to the network in flocks. You got the cheapest data across providers, then texts and calls too. This was unsustainable for NetOne which needed to repay a few loans they got to expand their network.

The idea of OneFusion was to lure subscribers who would then pay for other stuff. Or at least who would then use more of the higher priced package. This was not the case for them. Customers did come to the network for the package, and many people got NetOne sim cards. The bummer, they did not lose their old cards. Most did not even change their WhatsApp numbers.

The most subscribed package was OneFusion 5, which is not what they hoped for. They then looked towards changing amounts of data until the package became not so meaningful. They repeatedly changed the allowances, and the validity too, each change being met with criticism. As of the latest change, customers have had enough. It’s only this last month that people started looking into options beyond NetOne.

Customers are easily switching to other networks. It’s just a matter of swapping the sim cards between phones and done. As a way of luring customers, promotions do not work. There is no loyalty in Zimbabwe, and customers will merrily switch network providers looking for something cheaper.

The Competition

Telecel introduced their own version, which offered better value. Of course not many know about this offering because telecel directors have slept on the job. The bundles offered everything including voice, data, and social media. They were indeed cheaper, and you bought them using the usual Telecel airtime. You also got that MegaBonus before converting the airtime, too.

Appealing as they may have been, the Telecel bundles did not do much damage to NetOne. This is attributed both to poor marketing and poor network on the part of Telecel. Of late, Telecel seems like they have forgotten about the company. They are the only network to actually bleed active customers and NetOne has enjoyed the proceeds.

Enter Econet. With their YoMix bundle, has managed to provide something with much more value than what NetOne is offering. This could be a nail in OneFusion coffin, considering those migrated to NetOne still have their lines. In addition to offering much cheaper data, the package allows a subscriber to customise the exact amount they think they need. You don’t call that much? That’s fine, just add 5 minutes of talk time. Do you love texting? That’s fine too, add hundreds of those.

NetOne simply needs to do something to stay relevant. At this point, they have to act fast as once they bleed customers it is very difficult to get them back.

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