Econet YoMix Custom Data Bundles a Great Offer

Econet Wireless’ YoMix custom data bundle is what Zimbabwe wants. The bundle allows a subscriber to customize the amount of data, voice and text they want to use. The validity of the bundles goes all the way to 30 days as well, depending on what you want.

These bundles offer a complete package, akin to OneFusion. But that’s where the comparison ends, as Econet’s offering is much cheaper in addition to being customisable.


Data in the YoMix bundles is pegged at a flat rate of 500MB/dollar. This is the ‘universal’ data that you can use to access any and all web content. Thumbs up to econet for making a move towards the open internet.

You customize the amount of data you get. The smallest amount of data you can get with any purchase is 10MB. This means you cannot mix a voice only mix, but you can mix a data-only version. It’s the era of data for Econet. Other than data, you are not forced to buy anything else with your bundle at all. Gonese is the era when you had to buy some form of facebook bundle.


Econet YoMix also has social bundles, but these don’t belong. They are just the ordinary Econet social media bundles brought into the application. You cannot customise the data amounts, just purchase. This is a good move for Econet because social media bundles have always been a bad thing.

With the number of social media options out there, no one should lament the weak social media options. These bundles create a walled garden which is not good for anyone.


Econet has pegged the voice offering at 12.7 cents per minute. This price is fixed across all the validity periods that is 1, 3, 7, 14 and 30-day validity. Also, you don’t get a discount for purchasing more minutes…

On net calls are currently pegged at 16c/min, as per Potraz’s directive. Making the calculations for you, this makes the bundle 3.3 cents cheaper. However, this is still more expensive than the ‘bundle of joy’ for a day.

Please note that the voice, just like SMSs, applies only to on-net calls. For most users this shouldn’t be much of a problem. Everyone uses EcoCash and by extension an Econet line.

Validity of your mix

The validity of YoMix bundles ranges from a day all the way to 30 days. Prices are however fixed across the board, and it makes little sense if any to buy the bundle with a shorter validity.

You can buy the bundles with a validity of 1 day, 3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks or a month. You can have multiple mixes running, and the one with a smaller validity is rundown first.


As of writing, YoMix is currently available only to Elevate customers. This limitation is during the trial period, as they test out their new bundle with a fewer customers. Econet will offer these customisable bundles to everyone “in a short time”.

When it becomes available generally, YoMix will be the OneFusion killer that Econet should have brought long back. With NetOne making their package worse by the day, Econet Wireless shines. Your move, NetOne.

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