NetOne Changes OneFusion: Longer Validity for Less Benefits

NetOne has restructured their OneFusion offering for the third time this year alone. This change comes with one improvement and a host of degrades. Maybe this is a reflection of the difficult times we are operating in and NetOne just led the pack in price increases.

In their celebrated change, they have restored the validity of the 5 and 10 dollar packages to 30 days. According to them, this was due to customer feedback. This is a welcome change, as the 21 day validity period was let’s just say off the mark.

The other changes are not so rosy. The data and voice offerings have both been reduced. These changes have also cascaded to the standalone data packages. Standalone data packages from NetOne never made much sense anyway, no need to look at those. It’s OneFusion that brought us here. And WhatsApp too.

New OneFusion packages

The new packages are shown below. With the exception of OneFusion 3 which lasts for a week, all the packages are now valid for 30 days.


WhatsApp Bundles

WhatsApp bundles have also gotten the cut. NetOne is still claiming that these bundles can be used to make voice and video calls. However, time will tell if this is at the end good enough for the customers. The new WhatsApp bundles are shown below:


NetOne registered subscriber growth, thanks to OneFusion which was much cheaper. Unless Econet follows suit and increases their prices as well, we are likely to see NetOne bleeding the gains. It is however unlikely that Econet would keep up the same prices, with ZOL data prices shooting through the roof.

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