WhatsApp has gone down on New Year’s Eve, with users across the world reporting connection problems. Their Whatsapp Status account has not posted anything as of yet, however.

Users around the world texting each other final messages for 2017 might have caused the outage. Some people are managing to send messages once in a while. This points out to an issue with high usage. Their team is probably booting up more servers right now.

Or maybe the people with all the devices Whatsapp is ending support for in 2018 have gone rogue. It’s difficult to tell between a DDoS and just a normal spike in traffic for such high profile sites.

The WhatsApp service has been down since around 2100hrs Harare (1900 UTC). As of this moment, the service is still down. We hope they will be able to fix the service in time for us to celebrate the new year with our loved ones across the world.

Update: And it’s back.

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