Samsung Internet now available on all Android 5.0+ phones

Samsung Internet, the Android browser by Samsung, is now available on all android phones. The browser is available on devices running Lollipop and beyond from the Play Store.

Samsung Internet was previously available only on their own devices. Earlier this year, they extended support to Google devices in a beta. Now that the beta period is over, the stable version is being offered to all Android devices. If you are interested, you can head over to the play store to try it out.

Unlike other Samsung apps that are just a repetition of Google’s features, this app is worth checking out. It touts extension support, which makes things interesting. Samsung has long been optimising their browser, making it feel faster than the native offering. They are both based on Chromium, so it boils down to optimisation.The browser is not just a wrapper over the native browser, unlike Microsoft’s Edge on Android.

The browser comes with an extension that blocks invisible trackers. You can toggle on the tracking blocker, or if you’re in Secret Mode, the blocker will already be enabled by default. The extension is powered by Disconnect, a privacy protection company. They already have a similar ad-blocking extension for Samsung Internet.

Samsung also announced High Contrast and Night modes in the latest version. The night mode renders white text on a black background. This helps reduce eye strain, allowing you to get a good night’s sleep.

If you do jump ship, be rest assured you can carry over your bookmarks with you. Read more on how to sync your Google Chrome bookmarks with Samsung Internet.

Source: Samsung on Medium

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