Outrage over Google’s (mis)Placement of Cheese on the burger emoji

By | November 1, 2017

Google placed cheese under the meat patty on their burger emoji, and Twitter went nuts. Sundar Pichai, the CEO, quickly resolved the issue and correctly placed the burger.

But that wasn’t before Twitterati had scrutinised the burger emoji. They presented extensive research which displayed a discrepancy between where the cheese had been placed by Google versus where others had placed the cheese.

Upon further inspection on Emojipedia, only Microsoft seems to have gotten it right. Every other company seems to have messed it up in one way or the other. For example, Apple puts the lettuce under the patty, which will “cook it up”. Instead, it should be on top of the tomato, insulated from the heat.

This discussion also brought to light other Google emojis. Well, some of them are a real concern. The beer emoji does defy some laws of nature. Google should fix that one as well. Because once you see it, you can’t unsee.

This is another classic case of first world problems. In some way, you will think people are just waiting for something stupid to get mad over. Considering the size of an emoji, well…

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