DSTv Lite Bouquet Channels and Price Zimbabwe

DSTV Zimbabwe introduced the DSTV Lite Bouquet at the end of September. The package came to replace DSTV lite as the entry offer. Being the cheapest, the package offers just a few channels, for just a few dollars as well.

The DSTV lite bouquet is a Zimbabwe exclusive. In South Africa, the equivalent package would be DSTV EasyView. However, the EasyView package costs much less than the Zimbabwean offering. This is not the first time the satellite tv provider has offered a package under the lite name though. They initially offered DSTV Access package in South Africa as DSTV Lite, but later rebranded it.

DSTV Lite Package Price

DSTV Lite package price

The lite bouquet costs US$7. That is the official price from DSTV. Keep in mind that if you use ‘official’ DSTV agents and banks you will pony up more than that. And if you choose to go the route of unofficial agents, you may end up paying more than US$10. Due to the limited payment options, the only way to pay the exact amount would be to use Credit or Debit VISA/MasterCard.

DSTV Lite Bouquet Channels

This package has a minimal offering in terms of content. You only get 90 channels, with most of them being audio. In fact, you only get 28 video channels on this package. To add insult to injury, the video channels are mostly the worst they have on offer.

DSTV splits those channels across the usual 6 categories. The categories are Sports, Movies and Entertainment, Kids, Music, Specialist and religion. Across all those categories, there is not one that is especially strong. All of them offer thin content. For sport, content is practically inexistent. Even in entertainment, there are limited options. There is no Telemundo, and neither are there African Movies.


  • Jim Jam
  • Mindset Learn

Movies and Entertainment

  • eTV Africa
  • Eva +
  • Mzansi Wethu HD
  • Sony Entertainment TV
  • ZTV

Lite Bouquet Music channels

There are practically no music channels on this package. With Mzansi Music and One Gospel as the only offerings, you will be forgiven for not liking them. DSTV has reserved music for the higher packages, with popular channels like Trace Music coming in only from DSTV compact package upwards.

  • Mzansi Music
  • One Gospel

News on DSTV Lite Bouquet

  • CGTN News
  • NDTV 24 x7
  • People’s Weather
  • SABC News


  • Emmanuel TV
  • Faith TV
  • ITV Networks
  • TBN

Sports channels on DSTV lite bouquet

supersport channels on dstv lite

The lite package has a severely crippled sports offering. If you are looking for sports, you may have better chances elsewhere. This package only has 2 sports channels, which are the worst in SuperSport. Supersport Blitz will treat you to highlights and SS9 will show you (delayed) local football. You don’t get to watch the Champions League.

  • Supersport Blitz HD
  • Supersport 9

Specialist Channels

Just like any other package, the lite package also has specialist channel offerings. If you are into those, then you have a reason to celebrate. DSTV offers the complete package of the specialist channels on this bouquet. Maybe it’s an indication of how much value they bring (or rather do not) to the table.

  • BVN
  • CCTV
  • Deutsche Welle
  • RAI
  • RTPi
  • TV5 Monde

If you have no idea how to pay for this package, you can read our post on how to pay for DSTV Zimbabwe. DSTV remains in stiff competition with ‘homegrown’ Kwese TV. These cheaper packages are all part of the grand plan to fend off the new kid.

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