DStv Family Bouquet Channels and Prize (Zimbabwe)

DStv Family is the third offering on DStv Zimbabwe’s bouquets and makes more sense than the cheaper packages.

When you subscribe to the family package you get a total of 128 channels. Don’t get too excited though, more than half (66) are audio channels. I have not once seen a person who sits on their couch to listen to audio on the TV. You can make the DStv payment using EcoCash here.

DStv Family Bouquet Price

After the recent price reductions by DStv, the family bouquet now comes in at USD 17. This is a perfect price for the offering that this package has, that it is probably the real entry package. For this price, you get 62 TV channels. In contrast, both DStv lite and Access offer little in terms of content.

DStv Family Bouquet Channels

As previously mentioned, the package has 62 TV channels and 66 audio channels. These channels are split across many categories, but if you are a sports fanatic you may be disappointed.

Entertainment and Movies (18)

The family package offers a total of 18 ‘Entertainment and Movies’ channels.

The list of channels offered is M-Net Movies Action + , Telemundo, E! Entertainment Television, FOX (SD/HD), FOX Life, Sony Entertainment Television, Sony Max, CBS Reality, M-Net Movies Zone, Eva, Eva + , Via, AfricaMagic Epic Movies, AfricaMagic Family, Mzansi Magic (SD/HD), Mzansi Wethu (SD/HD), Mzansi Bioskop, Zee World.

Lifestyle and Culture (6)

The kinds of channels that bring chaos to the television set. You either like the channel or you hate it with all your might. The family bouquet offers 6 of them, which are BBC Lifestyle, Food Network, The Home Channel, Fashion One, Travel Channel and Spice TV.

Documentary (4)

You get pretty much all of the important documentary channels with this subscription. In no order, the list of the channels is Discovery Family, National Geographic Channel, Nat Geo Wild and Ignition. If watching documentaries is your thing, then the family package might suite you well.

Music (4)

The DStv family bouquet only gives you access to African music. And to make it worse, you don’t even get Trace Africa. The subscription only offers Channel O, Mzansi Magic Music, Sound City and One Gospel for music.

Religion (5)

The channels you get in music are Faith Broadcast Network, TBN, DayStar, Emmanuel TV and iTV Networks. With Emmanuel TV on the list, you do have something to tune your religious ears to. If you are so inclined.

News and Commerce (7)

You get mostly local news, and BBC World News to top it off. The news channels on offer are eTV Africa, BBC World News, SABC News, Africa News Network 7, Al Jazeera, CNBC Africa and NDTV24x7. Sorry, no CNN.

Specialist Channels (5)

Some of us have weird tastes, and the family subscription has our backs. It’s family after all, right? The list is made up of RAI International, TV5 Monde Afrique, Deutsche Welle, CCTV 4 and RTP Internacional.

Children (5)

For the kids, we have Boomerang, Nickelodeon, CBeebies, Disney Junior and Mindset. You can easily get away with those channels if you don’t mind Nickelodeon all day. Been there, because family.

Sports Channels (5)

Considering the love of sports out there, this is where the family subscription falls short. You only get to see most international matches as highlights if you choose to go this route. As for local content, they have you covered.

The supersport channels on offer are SuperSport Blitz, SuperSport 7, SuperSport 8, SuperSport 9 and SuperSport 10. Essentially, you get about as much sport as Kwese would offer you.

Other DStv Packages

Check out other DStv Bouquets Channels and Prices. This should help you make up your mind as to which package to get. Unless you are pretty much done with DStv and want to move on to KweseTV.

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