Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to return as Note FE in Korea

galaxy note 7

The Galaxy Note 7, which went up in flames last year, is now on its way back. According to a report on Android Authority, Samsung will sell up to 45o 000 of them.

The phablet is returning under the name Galaxy Note FE. Samsung indicated last year that they would probably return some of the units to the market after tests. This significantly reduces the amount of electronic waste they would have dealt with otherwise.

According to the report, Bixby will also be on the device. That would mark the second device to feature Samsung’s digital assistant. Albeit without the dedicated button on the S8 duo. The Note 8 will probably be the next device to feature the assistant, as its launch date comes closer.

Apparently, the device will be less expensive than it initially retailed for, but not cheap. It will reportedly retail between 740,000 and 760,000 won ($650 – $670). The Note 7 originally cost 988,900 won ($875) when released in South Korea.

the galaxy note 7 with exploded battery

I can’t help but think of “FE” relating to “Fire Edition”, though. Maybe the one who named it thought so too. Sadly, you cannot get one of these outside South Korea.

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