NetOne OneFusion is the company’s flagship package, and it has turned around fortunes for them. The bundles, as that is what they really are, offer voice calls, texts, mobile data and social media bundles in one package. It’s a good deal and customers like it. NetOne was the only mobile operator to increase the number of active users over quarter.

The cheapest package goes for $5 and the most expensive option is $200. You get more value for money for the higher priced packages. Each higher package offers more than what you would get by purchasing multiples of the lower priced option. However, for data only, the value plateaus at $20. After that the increase is linear.

To get a clearer view, I am going to tabulate the offerings for each package. The last column shows the value, relative to the nearest monthly bundle at the same price point. As for the On-Net minutes, I skipped those in calculating the value of the bundles. There is no easy way to compare these easily since NetOne does not offer standalone versions of them.

Also,  I will assume that a user will not use up their social media allocation. In terms of data allowance, the social bundles for the OneFusion packages are much more than offered by the stand alone versions. This means I would otherwise inflate the value of the packages with something you probably don’t care about.

NetOne OneFusion 5

One Fusion five is the most popular package, mainly because it is cheap enough. The plan offers you everything the average user wants on a smartphone plan, that is Facebook and Twitter. You also get 300MB worth of normal internet data that you can use for anything.

Note that the social media bundles bundled with this package actually offer more usage allowance that you would get if you were to purchase the individual social packages. For more money, too. This entry level package cuts a few corners, notably the missing Twitter bundle. You don’t get to call you friends in the diaspora, but for five bucks, what more do you expect?

ServiceAmountEquivalent Value
On Net Minutes60 $-
Off-Net Minutes18 $3.00
International Minutes0 $-
Data (MB)300 $6.00
Whatsapp (MB)700 $2.80
Facebook (MB)900 $2.80
Twitter (MB)0 $-
SMS10 $0.50
Total Value $15.10

One Fusion 10

This is my favourite package. It offers a value of $30, excluding the the 130 minutes in on net calls. The limits are quite reasonable, and you probably won’t have to supplement anything through the month. SMSes are limited, but who really uses those anyway.

If you are a light data user 800MB data is actually enough to get you through most of the month. One Fusion 10 also introduces Twitter, limited at 500MB. So if you do run out of the ‘normal’ data allowance you can stay updated through twitter.

ServiceAmountEquivalent Value
On Net Minutes130 $-
Off Net Minutes40 $6.50
International Minutes0 $-
Data (MB)800 $15.00
Whatsapp (MB)805 $2.80
Facebook (MB)1035 $2.80
Twitter (MB)500 $2.80
SMS30 $1.00
Total Value $30.90

One Fusion 20

International minutes are still a no show on this package. It still is a step up from the lower priced package though. The package offers a value of $60, which is three times what you actually pay.

ServiceAmountEquivalent Value
On Net Minutes300 $-
Off Net Minutes100 $15.00
International Minutes0 $-
Data (MB)1700 $35.00
Whatsapp (MB)926 $2.80
Facebook (MB)1190 $2.80
Twitter (MB)625 $2.80
SMS80 $2.00
Total Value $60.40

NetOne OneFusion 50

With this package NetOne introduces international voice minutes. The minutes start out at 20, an equivalent value of $6.

ServiceAmountEquivalent Value
On Net Minutes750 $-
Off Net Minutes250 $37.50
International Minutes20 $6.00
Data (MB)4000 $80.00
Whatsapp (MB)1065 $2.80
Facebook (MB)1369 $2.80
Twitter (MB)719 $2.80
SMS200 $2.00
Total Value $133.90

One Fusion 100

This package offers ample amounts of data. But priced at 100 dollars, those who can afford it probably don’t care about that much data anyway. The package improves on the previous offering across the board.

ServiceAmountEquivalent Value
On Net Minutes1875 $-
Off Net Minutes625 $93.75
International Minutes55 $16.50
Data (MB)8500 $110.00
Whatsapp (MB)1224 $2.80
Facebook (MB)1574 $2.80
Twitter (MB)827 $2.80
SMS500 $2.00
Total Value $230.65

One Fusion 150

Another high price bundle, this package offers a value of $440. You get 13GB of data, enough to satisfy even the heavier users of mobile data. You can happily stream all you want on this package.

ServiceAmountEquivalent Value
On Net Minutes2813 $-
Off Net Minutes938 $140.70
International Minutes100 $30.00
Data (MB)13000 $260.00
Whatsapp (MB)1408 $2.80
Facebook (MB)1810 $2.80
Twitter (MB)951 $2.80
SMS550 $2.00
Total Value $441.10

One Fusion 200

The greatest of them all. I honestly have no idea who buys this package. Anyway, check it out and see what it has to offer. The package offers a total value of $647, excluding 4688 minutes worth of calls to netone numbers.

ServiceAmountEquivalent Value
On Net Minutes4688 $-
Off Net Minutes1563 $234.45
International Minutes140 $42.00
Data (MB)18000 $360.00
Whatsapp (MB)1619 $2.80
Facebook (MB)2082 $2.80
Twitter (MB)1093 $2.80
SMS750 $3.00
Total Value $647.85

The Verdict

NetOne OneFusion packages offer more than three times the amount you pay. This is without including the value derived from the on net minutes. As such, there is not a reason that I can think of for not using this package in favour of any other NetOne package.

As you can see up there, you actually get less data if you decide to go with one of the data only options. Across all the price points. The One Fusion 5 plan offers 300MB data, but if you decide to purchase the data alone you get 250MB. NetOne wants you to use OneFusion, period.

For how to access other NetOne services, check out NetOne USSD codes. And read more on how to set up your phone for netone internet.

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