Google adds reCAPTCHA APIs for Android

By | June 11, 2017

As part of the celebrations for it’s tenth anniversary, reCAPTCHA has announced an API for Android.

reCAPTCHA has gone through a lot of changes. When it was introduced, the service used blurred image recognition to tell apart robots and humans. Over time robots evolved, and the found it easier to read the text than humans. Google’s artificial intelligence systems could solve with a success rate of more than 90{c509fa0689117bbb203bb121d1f17d6cabc65c372518e5121e451cedb6b210c3}.

The reCAPTCHA used intentionally blurred text in its earlier versions. Later, they moved to using images that OCR software that they were using to digitise books failed to recognise. Some viewed this as unpaid labour since Google would use the results from the service.

Google introduced the noCAPTCHA reCAPTURE service back in 2014. noCAPTURE requires that users tick a checkbox to verify that the are humans. If a user is suspicious, they have to choose images that match a description from a grid of nine images. The images are from Google’s street view mapping.

Google then followed this with the invisible ReCaptcha in March this year. Invisible reCAPTCHA monitors the actions of a user on the internet to determine if it is a bot or not. It uses a combination of the actions of the user on the page and other factors like cookies on the computer. User’s Internet addresses are also used in the verification process.

Developers can access the new APIs as part of Google Play Services.

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