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By | June 16, 2017

TechCrunch is launching a sort of disrupt for Africans this year, and they want you to participate. They partnered with Facebook to present the Startup Battlefield for Africa.

The competition will be held in October this year. TechCrunch will host Startup Battlefield Nairobi, Kenya in front of a live audience and the judges. TechCrunch and Facebook will both stream the show live as well.

Classification of the competition

TechCrunch classifies the Startup Battlefield for Africa in three categories. Startups must fit into one of three categories (social good, productivity and utility, or gaming and entertainment) to participate. Five startups in each category will be selected to join us onstage for Battlefield Africa in Nairobi.

Productivity and Utility: Startups with the product or service most likely to go into full commercial production and have the biggest impact on human potential and/or the largest exit.

Social Good: Startups with the product most likely to catalyse social development through technology.

Gaming and Entertainment: Startups with the product or service most likely to see wide consumer adoption and have either the biggest exit and/or impact on gaming and entertainment.

Requirements to apply

This competition is only for countries in the sub-Saharan Africa. The relevant startups must be clearly relevant to one of the categories given. In addition, the startups must meet the following further regulations:

  • Be early-stage companies in “launch” stage
  • Be a resident of eligible countries
  • Startups must have a fully working product, either reasonably close to or in production
  • Have received limited press or publicity to date
  • Have no known intellectual property conflicts

Application deadline for the Battlefield

The deadline for applications is 14 July. After this TechCrunch editors will choose the top five applicants in each category. These will then be part

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