Most of the Zimbabwean Internet is down, but your ISP won’t tell you.

From Telone to ZOL and Econet Broadband, most Zimbabweans have been unplugged off of the Internet. Econet says they’re working on it, and this is sad. 

Telone Fibre dropped connection, at least for me, some 3 to 4 hours ago. I went through the usual “just reboot it” routine but it didn’t work this time. That’s when I knew something was wrong. I made quick checks, and here’s what I got so far. 

Econet Broadband is down for everyone as well. Via Twitter, @Econet_support says they are resolving the issue currently. Hopefully, this will be solved by tomorrow. 

Telone ADSL is apparently IP, which is intriguing. It seems there are different switches for Fibre and ADSL, or maybe they are just low in capacity and decided to cut off some users. 

NetOne and Telecel broadband is working, albeit being slow. TelOne and NetOne share links so nothing fancy here. 

We are waiting for the word when this blackout is over. Until then, go meet your siblings. They’re probably good people. 

We can’t wait for Elon Musk’s satellite Internet, can we? 

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