The Killer USB can destroy your laptop

Imagine a flash drive that will roast your machine moments after plugging it in? That is exactly what this killer USB device will do. Tech that shouldn’t exist.

Killer USB works by charging it’s internal capacitors using power from the port it is plugged into. After some time, it then discharges voltage back into the port. The voltage is -215 volts, not something that motherboards were designed to handle.

All electronic devices with powered USB ports are inherently susceptible to this attack. This includes mobile phones that have OTG capabilities. Well, the folks even offer a pro testing kit, which includes adapters for micro USB, USB and lighting.

The USB comes in two flavours, either as a clearly labelled killer device or discreetly as a normal flash drive. The anonymous was certainly engineered with malice in mind. Or maybe for undercover testing, you can never tell.


Grab one over at USB Kill to test out your devices. And next time you see a USB stick lying around just know it could be the evil twin of a flash drive.

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