Uber runs into trouble in Asia

By | March 10, 2017

IT never rains but pours Uber, who have been in trouble with authorities and customers recently. The company’s drivers have been nabbed in Hong Kong and Thailand.

UberX is the basic uber package. A driver signs up with their own car, and they start driving around. The cars used for UberX are the regular day-to-day cars you see on the street. It is this service that gets Uber in trouble with authorities, as the drivers are not licensed as taxi drivers and neither are the cars registered as taxis.

In Hong Kong, five drivers were fined and banned from driving for 12 months. In some cases, uber has been known to pay for the fines faced by its drivers. The fines are from an operation that police carried out 2 years ago after taxi drivers complained.

Uber said in a statement,

We are very disappointed with today’s court decision, which we believe goes against the best interests of riders, drivers and the city of Hong Kong itself.

And in Thailand, the authorities in Bangkok and Chiang Mai cracked down on Uber drivers. The drivers are unlicensed as taxi operators. A sting operation in Bangkok cracked on over 20 drivers. Local transport workers in Chiang Mai are allegedly playing vigilante, reporting drivers to the police.

It was recently revealed Uber has a program called Greyballing, used to deny authorities access to a ride. Uber said they would remove its use against authorities. And the following week police posing as customers nab drivers for the company.

In both these countries, the operations of Uber are barely legal at best.

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