No More Carl Zeiss Lenses in Nokia Phones

HMD Global has confirmed on Twitter that we won’t be seeing Carl Zeiss in Nokia’s new phones.

This comes as a bummer for some of us who knew Nokia for its Zeiss lenses. The lenses certainly did a remarkable job. But when Microsoft bought Nokia, it took with it all that. The new folks who licensed the name have decided not to follow the same route, cost of course. Instead, they will be using ‘normal’ lenses.

Fans expressed disappointment over the news. Others pointed out to a¬†poor performance of the Nokia 6’s camera. To which HMD just replied, “We have only just begun”.

This does not mean we should expect poor cameras though. The guys also confirmed they will be investing heavily in the camera department. Everyone who wants recognition does so, anyway.

PureView is now a Microsoft thing, so we didn’t actually expect that. But we do hope HMD will resurrect one camera beast, like they did with the 3310. A phone with a 41MP shooter would be a nice bragging rig.

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