DStv Zimbabwe Bouquet Channels and Prices (April 2020)

DStv offers services across 5 tiers, ranging from $7 all the way to $65. The DStv bouquets are Lite, Access, Family, Compact, Compact Plus and Premium. Well, there’s also free ZTV. This article is regularly updated to keep in sync with the current DStv Prices.

We know most don’t have access to the US Dollar, so if you have RTGS$ check out this post for DStv prices in EcoCash and how to pay online.

DStv Lite Bouquet, priced at $7

The DStv lite package is the new kid on the block. This package replaces Access as the introductory package. You bag 90 Channels, 64 of them being Audio. Take away the useless channels (Looking at you ZBC TV) and you are left with

In all practicality, the lite bouquet is not even worth it. You don’t even get Telemundo, just Sony Entertainment TV and Eva. For your sporting needs, you only get SuperSport Blitz and SuperSport 9. This only gives you access to local football.

DStv Access Bouquet, priced at $11

This is the cheapest bouquet, and it is access as its name suggests. This package gives you a total of 112 channels, which is quite good.  The channels offered include Telemundo, Zee World, Africa Magic World, E! Entertainment TV, MNet Entertainment Movies Family/Zone in the general entertainment category. You also get Nickelodeon

For your sports, you have SuperSport Select 1 and 2, as well as Blitz. You get the music channels Channel O and Mzansi Magic.

Family Bouquet, priced at $17

Next is the Family package, offering 120 channels. The package adds Mzansi Magic, Africa Magic Family, Eva, Discovery Family, CBS Reality Fox and MNet Action to the pack.

In the sporting department, you drop SuperSport Select 1. In return, you get SuperSport Select (P) and SuperSport 9. You also get Boomerang and Nick Toons for the kids.

DStv Compact, priced at $25

The compact bouquet offers 159 channels. This represents the most significant jump in this lineup.

In general entertainment, you gain access to Africa Magic Urban and Epic movies, Turner Classic Movies, MTV and Sony Max. Studio Universal, BET International and Mnet Movies All Stars and Family are also thrown into the mix.

For sporting, there is SuperSport 4, 11, 12. All 7 lifestyle packages are available, as well as CNN International for the news.

From compact upwards, all the channels meant for kids are available.

Compact Plus, priced at $40

Adding a plus to the compact subscription bumps the channel count to 169. You get Africa Magic Showcase, True Movies and Fox HD in addition to those on the compact bouquet.

In sport, there’s four more channels. These are supersport 3,5,6 and 7 in HD where available.

DStv Premium, priced at $65

The best Multichoice has to offer. The premium bouquet offers 196 channels, which is all they have. You get access to almost every channel. That is except a few ones with weird names anyway.

The premium subscription also opens up to other services, as indicated in later sections.

HD PVR Premium, priced at $92

This is the premium bouquet, with PVR access feature dropped in. This includes the Explorer features as well.

XtraView Access Fee, priced at $11

XtraView hooks you up to an additional decoder. N0thing new here, kids watch different stuff from adults. You can tune in to different channels at the same time if you choose to go this route.

DStv Now and Box Office

Box Office is a movie rental service. The content is available through PVR decoders, which are the old HD PVR and the Explorer. You can also access box office online through DStv Now.

Also on the PVR decoders is catch up, allowing you to watch movies and content you have missed. Connecting your decoder to the internet gives you access to even more content through catchup

Now is an online access to broadcast content. There are clients for web, Android and iOS. Access to these services requires an active premium subscription. On the compact bouquets, you will have to pony up to use the service. Ds

DStv Zimbabwe Call Center Phone Numbers

Sometimes, all does not go so well and you will need assistance. Use the numbers below to get assistance.

Landline: +263 4 32600
Mobile Numbers: 0774 168 466-472, 0712 267 770-773

Website: Multichoice Zimbabwe


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