Telecel Stops DStv Payments via Telecash

By | February 27, 2017

Telecel has followed Econet in denying DStv settlements via mobile wallets. From March, Telecash won’t be making DStv payments.

The dry spell of foreign currency has led to financial providers cutting down of external payments. The reserve bank is low on Nostro value, and it is the private institutions that suffers first. Now that even ZESA is feeling the brunt…

When Econet stopped the payments for Ecocash, DStv quickly pointed out that these changes had nothing to do with them. Now that Telecel has joined in, it’s one more source down. Telecel pointed out that they are making the changes due to factors beyond them. Which are, basically, the laws of economics.

The government has pointed out that Zimbabweans are “Wasting” foreign currency. The culprits nominated were DStv, as well as other online payments done through mastercard and VISA. DStv is getting complete cut offs. Online payments are also facing the noose. Some institutions are severely limiting the maximum withdrawals and others providers are simply blocking payments.

DStv payments now blocked

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