Data Amount on Telecel Daily Bundles Reduced

telecel data bundles logo image

Telecel Daily Bundles have taken a hit, with Telecel reducing the amount of data offered for each purchase.

Telecell now offers 150MB for a dollar, down from 300 megabytes. $2 now afford you only 500MB, down from a gigabyte. This makes them the operator offering the most expensive daily bundles.

As expected, this did note go down well with telecel’s customers. However, judging by the number of facebookers who complained, it seems like Telecel doesn’t have many active data customers anyway. And there has been no investment from telecel recently, so maybe they do not even care.

Social media bundles and other promotions like the telecel daily bundles are a mask that hide away how expensive data is in the country. Disregarding these, Zimbabwe has one of the most expensive data on the African continent.

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