POTRAZ Sets Floor Price for Data, Voice

POTRAZ has set new minimum price for mobile operators, that will result in a hike for some of the offerings. The change affects everything including promotions.

The floor price indicates the least amount that can be charged for voice per minute, and data per megabyte. This effectively means, you are going to pay more. And you can blame it on Potraz.

The floor price for data has been set at 2c per megabyte. This is equal to a dollar for 50 MB, twice as expensive as the most expensive daily bundle currently on the market. For voice calls, the floor is set at 12c against a ceiling of 16c.

These changes will change the cheapest bundles that you can get on the market. Towards the end of last month, Telecel made their daily  bundle offering more expensive. NetOne has since suspended it’s 48 hour offerings, citing operator instruction. In Fact, the regulator has been in a drive to make data more expensive since mid 2016.

POTRAZ cites that there is significant underpricing of the bundles and voice. This has resulted in the operators’ revenue dropping over the course of 2016. The new regulations aim to counter the revenue drops.

The new regulations come into effect on 9 January 2017.

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