NetOne Restores Cheaper Data Bundles

NetOne has restored some of the monthly data bundles it removed last year. The bundles are months cheaper than the best data bundles you could get before.

These changes bring with them Daily, Weekly and Monthly “Pure Data” and Social Media bundles. NetOne stopped offering daily bundles last year when POTRAZ cracked down on promotions. Now that operators can just ignore the regulator’s instructions, they are back. I’m looking at you right now, Econet Wireless.

The daily bundles are available in $1, $2 and $3 offerings.  The image below shows all the various bundles that netone introduced. And for the weekly bundles, you get them from 50c up to $10. Data ranges from 50MB up to 2GB for the $10 offering.

For the monthly bundles, netone offers the same value across the whole range. You get 50MB for every dollar you spend on the bundles, from the lowest 50c offering to the largest 50 dollar offering. This is right on the price floor that POTRAZ had implemented.

And in sad news, the Netone has introduced a cap on the social media bundles. They capped all the bundles, that is Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp. You get just about as much data as what other operators are offering, if not slightly more.

netone new data bundles

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