One Fusion package has large amounts of data, but maybe you just want more? The NetOne data bundles are not much to look forward to, but here is the list for you to decide for yourself.

NetOne One Fusion

One Fusionone fusion netone data bundles is net one’s flagship product and they would rather you use this option. And I concur with them on this one, as the product offers the best value for your money. One Fusion offers voice, SMS, data and social media access in one package. And for the higher tiers, you also get international credit.

The smallest package sets you back $5. For this you will get 300MB for data, more than what netone data bundles offer. You also get 800MB of Whatsapp and 900MB for Facebook. You also get voice credit and 30 texts. All the higher tiers give unlimited Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter.

NetOne Social Media Bundles

Net One also offers Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp bundles. The bundles are cheaper relative to what other operators offer you, coming in at 27 cents, 87 cents and $2.80 for a day, week and month. These bundles can be accessed from *171# under bundles.

Social media combos come in at $5 per month. They offer Facebook and either twitter or whatsapp for the amount, though you could as well just get one…

Netone Data Bundles

NetOne’s data bundles are more expensive than they could have been, thanks to POTRAZ. The regulator¬†ordered them to review their prices upwards when they had reduced the pricing drastically.

Currently the cheapest bundle you can get is a $1 for 17MB, certainly more than what other operators offer, but not much in today’s data terms. You are better off staying away from the monthly bundles unless you have a really fat wallet. Or you are feeling particularly generous.

NetOne Daily Bundles

These bundles have been retired under instruction from the regulator. NetOne never offered exactly daily bundles, as these were valid for 48 hours. Just for history’s sake, these were the best while they were. You would get 270MB for a dollar, or 150MB for 50 cents. Now that operators are in the game of defying the regulator, we hope they make a return.

You won’t find Opera Mini bundles on netone. If any promotions come up, be rest assured we will update this post to reflect that.

The Verdict

I will say you go with One Fusion, with all this said and done. The social media bundles are redundant, as for the same amount you pony to get Facebook and Whatsapp (USD 5) you also get data, voice and text.

The data bundles in themselves are way more expensive than one fusion. Even if you only wanted to use data, one fusion offers more for your dollar. The 48 hour data bundles offered more data but sadly POTRAZ put the plug on them.

If you are thinking of jumping the wall to another provider, these are the Econet data bundles, and these are the Telecel data bundles for you to compare. And if you are new to the provider, get netone USSD codes here and netone data settings for you to access the internet.

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