ZESA Ecocash Integration Meets Hurdles, Rush Implementation? 

There have been many complaints in the few weeks Ecocash and ZESA got direct link. The complaints range from failed transactions to money lost.

ZESA finally connected to EcoCash, after years of wondering why not. As usual enterprising Zimbabweans had filled the gap, at least in part. When EcoCash introduced their native solution, the nation rejoiced. But it seems the happiness was short-lived as the platform is riddled with its own problems.

The most common is that of failed transactions. The ZESA side of the equation seems always down for some reason. This has resulted in a large number of failed transactions. In some cases, the transaction goes through on EcoCash side only, causing the second problem.

The other issue, which is even worse, is that Econet deducts money for some failed transactions. The operator does not reverse the charges on customers’ accounts. With the volume of failures high, this becomes a concern. When you do contact customer services, it takes a long time before your money is actually refunded.

There are also complaints of delays in token delivery, all the way to complete failure. To those whose tokens were delivered late, I feel you. Imagine being in darkness when you actually paid someone.

To add insult to injury, the customer care is difficult to contact. You will get faster response via twitter, than trying to call the customer care line. For some of us, the line does not even work. It always fails. Econet needs to realise not many afford to pay a dollar each day just to access the internet, and fix their support. Or maybe it’s because tweets are public?

Econet should rush to correct this as it is certainly not good rep. Especially from the best network in Zimbabwe, at least according to their claims.

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