Econet Wireless Sued for Misrepresentation of Bundles

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A woman has Sued Econet Wireless for USD 50K, for misrepresenting their data Bundles. The Bundles in question are the social media bundles, marketed as time based when they are usage based.

The Herald reported of the story, Econet under fire over Whatsapp bundles. Ms Mabuda claims she bought these bundles after she saw an advertisment stating that they would be valid for 24 hours. However, when she later tried to call her daughter in the SA she discovered they had been depleted. 

The social media bundles used to be usage based, but that changed when Econet Wireless decided to introduce Lite and heavy versions of the bundles, which would allow for different amounts of data.

The change did not bode well with this particular lady, who decided that she should be compensated. The woman has also planned to stage a peaceful demonstration to the Econet headquarters. She has already obtained police clearance for the demonstration, staged for 25 November.

In a surprising note by Techzim, the same woman once Sued Telecel back. In that case, the service in question was the notify of previous callers. She claimed Telecel exposed her to unwanted callers, for some reason. Whether she won, we don’t know.

In these hard times, she has a point. There is frustration among the customers due to these Bundles. And what’s even more frustrating is that the regulator chooses to remain mum. Or maybe they are only against changes that would actually go well with the customers. Case in point:the promotional bundles that were scrapped across networks.

We are waiting in the courts to hear the outcome. In any case, this is a good thing. Our operators need to realize that they cannot just take us around for rides.

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