Month: November 2016

ATM technology breakthrough

There is a breakthrough in the ATM technology,phones can be used now  to get money out of the ATM by taping a phone on it. This technology breakthrough can be in use  for Customers of U.K. bank Barclays by the beginning of the new year. Customers  will need to download the Barclays android application on

Microsoft Solitaire Collection now on Android and iOS

Microsoft has brought its nostalgic Microsoft Solitaire Collection to the world of Android and iOS.  The apps are already available for download. Since Windows 3.0, 1990, Microsoft has bundled solitaire with Windows. The game “helped users transition to using a GUI”. It has since become a staple of the Windows operating system, and has always been confined

Drone Invasion: Tech Goes Airborne

Brace yourselves, for the drone invasion is here. With their uses ranging from fishing to photography and well, stalking, they are here to stay. Considering these are earlier days of their invasion, who knows where it is all going? On a civil light scale, drones have been used to capture videos. Wedding photographers have used drones to take pictures

Tour the World with Google Earth VR 

Google has released Earth VR, which allows users to tour the world in the comfort of their homes. At least virtually. If you have always wanted to peak at Mount Everest’s peak but never had the energy to, this is your chance. Google Earth is a 3D map of the globe, with images and other

Hackers Already Exploiting the Windows Vulnerability Exposed By Google

Google recently made public a vulnerability in Windows, 10 days after telling Microsoft. A hacking group linked to Russia, Fancy Bear, is already exploiting the vulnerability. And Microsoft is not amused. Known more widely as Fancy Bear, Microsoft calls the Russian-linked group STRONTIUM. The group has “aggressive, persistent tactics and techniques, and its repeated use of new