Whatsapp Releases Gender Balanced Emojis That Change Size

whatsapp emojis now redisinged

Whatsapp Beta has a few new surprises for Emoji addicts. There are now gender balanced emojis, and emoticons that scale. The emojis also feature a redesign that changes how they look.

First, let’s balance gender

whatsapp now has balnced emojis

Whatsapp Emojis now include both male and female emojis for pretty much every emoji. The lazily walking kid is now available either as a boy or a girl. There is a new haircut boy. A few new sports women, practising in their respective fields. Now you do not have to settle for a gender inappropriate emoji, not anymore.

Resizing Emoticons

pic depicting the changes in size of emojis as they increase in numberJust like sending a red heart emoji results in a bigger animated version of it on WhatsApp, single emojis as a chat message will appear a little larger than the size they used to be. The size further decreases in a descending order as the number of emojis increase upto 4, after which they scale back to their original size.

A new Look

Whatsapp has redesigned the emojis to have a distinguished 3D look. They have a visual similarity to the ones found in iOS 10, just like the water gun below.

Several of these new emojis will find their way to Unicode’s Emoji 4.0 update in November. A number of them is already present in Android 7.0 Nougat as well. Whatsapp has always tried to keep up with emojis, before the operating system guys even update.

…and the water gun emoji

the water gun replaces the poistol and rifle on whatsappWhatsapp has changed the gun to a water gun. The Unicode Consortium decided not to include the rifle and pistol in the emoji release next. iOS 10 already implemented this by using the water gun as well. This depicts the gun as a toy, not a weapon. The Unicode Consortium guides and approves emojis.

All these changes are live in whatsapp version  v2.16.274.  To get the latest beta version, you can either sideload the apk, or sign up on Google Play to become a beta tester for Android.

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