Whatsapp Now Allows @Mentions, Notifies You In Muted Groups

whatsapp emojis now redisinged

Whatsapp has introduced @Mentions in its latest update. You can now tag your buddy when you want them to notice a certain message. To make it more interesting, the user gets notified when tagged.

@Mentions are a part of all social networks. They make sure you notice a message directed at you. Whatsapp recently introduce the quote feature as well. This allows you to quote a specific message you are replying to. Particularly useful for the double triple texts, right? The only problem, that Whatsapp solved now, was that you wouldn’t be notified.

Whatsapp will notify you of a message you were mention in, even if you muted a group. If you haven’t muted the group  you receive no special notifications, at least now. This lies in sync with what we have grown to know from other social networks. We just hope that users do not turn this into another spam feature.

Facebook and it’s legion of apps are in an overdrive as far as copying over features innovating around is concerned. They are copying around features in their different social apps. I’m not looking at you, Instagram stories.

And in the beta, Whatsapp has introduced a number of changes to the emoji. From changing sizes to gender balance, you have it all. Facebook is not just trying to monetize Whatsapp, they are also improving it. And it’s not a bad thing.

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